Civil and religious ceremonies can be held either at outdoor or indoor locations at the Cesky Krumlov Castle and Old Town. Civil ceremonies are perfomed by the Cesky Krumlov Town Registry office. The ceremony itself is performed in Czech and interperted into English or any other foreign language by a legal interpreter. It lasts about 30 minutes and includes a speech given by the Master of the Ceremony, your vows and exchange of the rings followed by the kiss. The ceremny ends with the declaration your marriage and signing official documents. The examples of speeches are available on request.

The most favorite indoor venues are:
Mirror Hall, Cesky Krumlov Castle (ceremonies up to 70 people)
Prokys Hall, Prelature, Cesky Krumlov Old Town (up to 120 people)
Gothic Hall, Prelature, Cesky Krumlov Old Town (up to 40 people)
Jesuits Hall, Cesky Krumlov Old Town (up to 150 people)
Town Hall, Cesky Krumlov Old Town (up to 60 people)

Gardens & Outdoors
Stepnice, Cesky Krumlov Castle Garden (ceremonies up to 200 people)
Fountain area, Cesky Krumlov Castle Garden (up to 150 people)
Terrace of  Hotel Ruze (up to 80 people)
Terrace opposite the Baroque Theatre at Cesky Krumlov Castle (up to 50 people)