For small weddings, there is a great choice of restaurants and local taverns in Cesky Krumlov. You can plan to have your wedding reception at different venues ranging from cosy medieval taverns to fancy hotel restaurants.

For larger weddings (from 70 to 150 guests), the choice of reception venues is limited. If you plan to invite more then 70 guests and wish to have your wedding day in summer, make sure you book your date well in advance.
Here are some  examples of Krumlov´s restaurants wedding menus:

Menu 1
Goose liver terrine with cranberry jelly and French baquette
Wild succory gratin with Parma ham and forest mushroom sauce
Butter baked salmon with oyster mushroom, fried zucchini and potato purée
Home made tiramisu with fresh strawberries sauce
Coffee or tea

Menu 2
Veal loin carpaccio with fresh herbs oil and marinated mushroom
Minestrone with Parmesan crouton
Crispy baked duck breast with fried vegetables, potato pancake and Port wine sauce
Marinated pear in archive wine and sabayone sauce
Coffee or tea

Menu 3
Strong beef broth with liver dumplings, vegetables and home made noodles Smoked ham with horse radish sauce and potato rösti
Czech sirloin of beef with Carslbad dumplings and cranberries
Cottage cheese torn-up pancake with plums stewed in black rum
Coffee or tea